About Cambridge College

  • Cambridge College offers a unique environment where working adults

    can build their education on a lifetime of learning.

    Cambridge College recognizes diversity as an asset to the classroom,

    the community, and to our society.

    Our innovative teaching and learning model helps adult students meet

    the challenges of higher education and earn the degree credentials

    they need to advance their careers.


  • We are one of leading academic centers, and a self-governed

    community of scholars.

    Excellence in teaching and learning is all about people and our

    international community of staff and scholars bring valuable diversity

    to our work.

    Our growing cohort of international students informs and enriches our

    activities, contributing to our ranking as one of the world's leading


    We engage across the globe in virtually every area of research and our

    work is renowned within the UK and abroad as being internationally


Mission & Values

  • Mission:

    To provide academically excellent, time-efficient, and cost-effective

    higher education for a diverse population of working adults for whom

    those opportunities may have been limited or denied.

  • Values:

    Cambridge College is a responsive learning community, where

    working adults can find ways to make the personal and professional

    changes they need to achieve their goals.

    Learning at Cambridge College takes place in an atmosphere of true

    diversity, where students support each other in a collaborative

    learning process that respects their needs and values, their prior

    learning and life experiences.

    The College's innovative adult-centered learning model links theory

    and practice, helping students to acquire the academic credentials

    they seek, enrich their lives and careers, and become leaders in

    their communities.

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