Forex :

  • Forex Trading :

    In this course, the participants will acquire the technical analysis the professional knowledge & skills to expect

    future price trends for purpose of taking logical trading & investment decisions in the financial markets.


    • Beginners Level.

    • Advanced Level.

    • Professional Mone Management Level.


    Bginners Level :

    1- The philosophy of technical analysis , dow theory & the importance of the crowd psychology.

    2 - Define & identify the trends, How to determine the trends line & draw a trend line & its secrets.

    3 - Define & types of the support & resistance levels ( previous tops, bottoms, trend line, fibonacci levels, moving

          average & channels).

    4 - The principles of professionalism in the Forex, trading golden rules, identify entry points, profit & loss, general

          market review on MT4 trading platform.

    Advanced Level:

    • Define & types of the Japanese candlesticks & technical terms used as a helpful tool for the purpose of

      forecasting future price movement & its secrets.

    • Define & types of the major technical indicators, how to use & edit indicators properties.

    • Define & identify the trading strategy & how to make a one.

    • The Fundamental Analysis & its impact on pairs movements, how to deal with economic calendar on the trading

      time, the best times of trading & the secrets of some currencies.

    Professional Money Management Level :

    1. Money management professional & the reduction of risk proportion.

    2. Positions management professional to improve the net profit.

    3. Market review of training program.

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