General Computer :

  • Whatever your background, situation or requirements, we can train

    you to become an IT professional leaving you with the skills,

    confidence and practical experience to make it in the real world

    of IT.

    This is a completely free system that offers you flexibility and

    choice without any long-term commitments.

    Designed to increase access to any kind of learning.

    To start our computer training courses you don't need any formal

    qualifications or very much experience with computers.

    Our IT qualifications make you more effective, productive and

    confident in your workplace and will improve your chances of


    Computer courses are designed to fit around your lifestyle so,

    for example, there are no set term times.

    You learn mainly at home supported by our expert tutors via phone

    and email.

    Our Course Contents :

    IT - Word - Excel - Internet - Windows - PowerPoint - OutLook.


    24 Hours - 3 Days per week - 3 Hours per session .

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