Health Care Management :

  • Programme Aims

    The programme will enhance participants’ knowledge, develop their research and management skills in the health

    sector and potential at a management level and will provide an environment where students can learn from each

    other as well as from the teaching staff.

    Emphasis will be given throughout the programme to:

    • Provide a balanced and stimulating approach to the study of the health sciences based on sound academic


    • Provide a structured programme of learning opportunities which allows and encourages students to fulfil their

      academic potential;

    • Equip students with appropriate skills in written and verbal communication and in information technology;

    • Presents opportunities to develop organisational skills and the ability to work in teams;

    • Develop students critical and evaluative skills in the academic disciplines making up their programme of study and

      enhance their ability to make and express cross-disciplinary connections;

    • Train students to understand and evaluate research and encourage the integration of research with theory and

      practical applications.

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