Quality Diploma :

  • The Diploma is a level five-equivalent course, based on the Qualifications & Credit Framework’s eight levels,

    & is an approved standard of achievement recognized by employers as the mark of a true quality professional.

    The course is aimed at individuals currently employed in a quality-oriented role looking to expand their knowledge

    & improve their career prospects.

    The Diploma also meets the academic requirement for Chartered Quality Professional status, information on which

    can be found in our Organization.

    What can the Diploma offer you?

    • Professional academic recognition (using Dip.Q after your name)

    • Increased knowledge & skills for your profession

    • Opportunity for critical appraisal, application & research

    • Confidence & competence in areas of expertize

    • An opportunity to network

    • Flexibility of the mode of study

    • Apply the skills as you go along: learn, check, practice

    • Better career prospects

    Course Overview

    It is a regrettable fact that many software-based projects fail to deliver against their potential, often because the

    focus of systems effort & attention is on programme creation or development to the detriment of planning, analysis,

    design & other crucial activities.

    Quality cannot be engineered into a system unless quality techniques like testing & reviews are applied to all tasks

    & artifacts throughout the life cycle, & unless a wider range of criteria is used.

    We need to test software not only to make sure that it is free of bugs, but also for usability, performance,

    compliance, flexibility, & a whole host of other quality aspects.

    Modern IT systems are mission–critical & pervasive & it is no longer acceptable to delegate quality & testing

    activities to be done as a by-product of other roles & activities.

    Leading organisations, whilst recognizing the need for every person to be accountable for embedding quality in

    what they do, are investing in the development & recruitment of quality professionals whose core skills, focus

    & responsibility lies in ensuring the implementation of reliable, risk-free, efficient & effective computer-based

    business systems.

    FTI’s Diploma in System Quality Assurance & Testing is designed for the needs of the person who aspires to be or

    become a professional, multi-skilled systems testing practitioner

    Course Objectives:

    Learn to:

    • Use software QA & testing across the software project life cycle

    • Test software-based business systems & find errors before production or live migration.

    • Apply the principles to any type, size & complexity of software-based business system - across technical platforms

    • Set parameters regarding limits to testing. How much can you test? What is risk-based testing & is it sufficient?

    • Plan & track testing progress

    • Differentiate between the roles of analysts, designers, developers & testers

    • Identify essential knowledge required to put together a great test team

    Course Delivery

    The course comprises instructor-led training, supplemented by readings, exercises & practical group work.

    Workplace assignments, coupled with rich feedback, ensure that the delegate is able to apply the skills directly

    in the workplace.

    Course Assessment

    This course has a formal assessment mechanism.

    To obtain the Diploma delegates will need to complete the following assessments:

    • Three written assignments & a presentation

    • Several tests, quizzes & examinations

    • An assessment of their contribution & participation

    To pass the Diploma, a final overall course mark of 50% as well as a sub-minimum of 50% for the exam is required.

    Delegates obtaining a final course aggregate of 75% or more graduate with distinction.

    Alternative assessments may apply to in-house courses.

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