Selling and Sales Management Course :

  • The Certificate in Selling and Sales Management qualification

    enables trainees to develop selling skills and techniques,

    an understanding of sales administration

    and the ability to manage the sales process.

    It is intended for those who are working, or are preparing to

    work in sales and require

    knowledge and understanding of selling techniques and how to

    manage the sales process.

Sales Training :

  • At Cambridge we offer one of the most comprehensive and effective

    sales training systems available.

    Our sales training team is constantly evolving to incorporate

    market trends and new developments to help sales people all over

    Egypt become the best they can.

    If you are looking for a firm that can help your sales team do

    better, then we

    are confident that we can meet all your requirements.

What will I get out from this course?

  • • A greater understanding of the full sales cycle and all the

      surrounding departments.

    • Recognition of the importance of active listening and a clear

      structure to enhance your questioning technique.

    • Tried and tested sales techniques that will maximize your

      personal impact and add value to your organization.

    • An opportunity to practice your skills in a safe environment.

    • A better selling mindset.

    • Increased confidence in representing your organization and

      promoting any product or service.

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