Customer Service :

  • The Certificate in Customer Service enables trainees to develop

    their knowledge andunderstanding of the concepts in developing

    and delivering good customer service.

    It provides candidates with an appreciation of the systems and

    procedures that enhance the delivery of reliable and effective

    customer service, an understanding of personal behaviors and

    processes that enhance and influence service delivery, and the

    application of these behaviors and processes within the job role.

    The qualification is suitable for people intending to work in a

    customer service advisory role.

Negotiation Skills :

  • This Course focuses on the ability to plan and prepare

    adequately, before entering a negotiating situation and

    to utilise the interpersonal skills required to achieve

    a successful outcome.

Presentation Skills :

  • 1- Define presentation

    2- Fears of presentation

    3- Self-confidence and how to overcome fears.

    4- Stages of preparation presentation.

    5- Conditions affecting to the presentation.

    6- Personal challenges.

Communication Skills Course

  • 1 Build greater self confidence.

    2 Push comfort zone.

    3 Self Development.

    4 Strengthen people skills.

    5 Enhance communication skills.

    6 Develop leadership skills.

    7 Reduce stress and improve our attitude.

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