Stock :

  • The Financial Market is divided to:

    Money Market, Forex, and Capital Market.

    Capital market organized by Egyptian financial supervisory authority (IFSA) & other bodies are:

    Egyptian Stock Exchange (ESE), Misr for central clearing, depository & registry Co. (MCDR), Egyptian Banks,

    Brokerage Companies, Central Book Keeping Banks, listed companies & investors.

    • Training Courses, with same subjects could target both investors (Elementary Course) & professionals

      (Advanced Course).

    • We could call courses like (Capital Investor) & (Capital Pro.).

    • Capital courses marketing should be in separate rather than other courses will be introduced by training center,

    to be able to compete with other training centers which focus only on capital market subjects.


    • Parts of Capital Market: definitions & relationships.

    • Nature of various tools of investment: Equity, Bonds, T-bones, CD’s…

    • Long, Medium & Short term investors & suitable scheme for each.

    • Mutual Funds: definitions & features.

    • Private portfolio management.

    2- Stocks Portfolio Management & Mutual Funds :

    • Various kinds & targets for portfolios & funds.

    • Risk & profit & various portfolios & funds targets.

    3-Bonds: Treasury, Corporate & Securitization :

    • Definitions & features.

    • Securitization (transfer debts to bonds).

    • International Treasury & Corporate Bonds.

    • Bond rating.

    4- Stocks Technical Analysis :

    • Trends.

    • Reversal shapes.

    • Candlesticks.

    • How to read technical reports.

    • How to use Meta Stock program.

    5- Stocks Fundamental Analyses:

    • How to read company balance sheet & analyzing ratios.

    • Fair value by using different ways.

    • Price-Earning (P/E) & other indications which help to select

    between listed shares.

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